Dixie Butte
Snowshoeing Eastern Oregon

Dixie Butte<br>Snowshoeing Eastern Oregon

Dixie Butte - a 7,500' peak with a road to the top.  Sound boring? Try it in the winter.  What may otherwise be a slog up a dusty double track becomes a trek through a peaceful and empty forest.  And don't let the height fool you - once you break above treeline you're treated to views often reserved for peaks with 5-digit elevations.

Snowshoeing with a View
Nip Benchmark

Snowshoeing with a View<br>Nip Benchmark

With a name like "Nip Benchmark," I don't blame you for being underwhelmed.  And it's true.  It's really not much of a peak - you can hardly even tell where to top is. Only a hair over 300' of prominence.  In fact there is only one thing that makes this peak stand out, and that is the magic word Location.