Rock Roll Peak & Pt. 10,334

Looking for a good peak to get your peakbagging toes wet?  In June, 2016 we found a great beginner peak.  And if you get to the top and still want more, get some scrambling with a short hike to a neighboring peak:

Rock Roll Peak and Pt. 10,458

Tory makes her way up the ridge

Route - South Ridge Loop

Vital Stats

Hike - L/10mi - V/4,000'
Rock Roll Peak - E/10,458' - P/878'
Pt. 10,344 - E/10,344' - P/314'

In June, Tory and I went to Hailey, ID for a dedication at the Hailey Airport.  Never one to miss an opportunity to climb when I'm in a place surrounded by beautiful mountains, we stayed over night and set out for Rock Roll Peak in the morning.  Rock Roll is easily visible peak at the tail end of the Boulder Mountains, towering over nearby Trail Creek Road.  As we expected, it made for a great climb with wonderful views of the surrounding Boulder and Pioneer Mountains.  We agreed Rock Roll would make a great "intro to peakbagging" peak.  It's a simple and fun climb.

The hike started at the head of Lake Creek basin on a trail that was, at times, difficult to follow.  It didn't matter too much though.  Whenever we lost the trail we just continued up toward the saddle south of the obvious summit.

The fun really started once we reached the saddle.  It was a straightforward ridge hike that never got too steep.  We encountered some lingering spring snow as we approached the top but were able to skirt around virtually all of it.

From the summit it's a short hike over to Pt. 10,458.  Rock Roll didn't have any true Class 3 scrambling, my favorite type of climbing.  10,458 looked promising, however, so I was pleased that we had time to make the trip.

Tory looks down the ridge to Pt. 10,344.

While the traverse to 10,458 didn't actually require any scrambling, there was plenty of optional bits on the ridge that I took full advantage of.  Even some decent exposure if that's you're thing.  Just don't give up early on the summit - it's a couple of false summits away but when you get to the top it's pretty clear you're there.

A gnarly cornice on the way to 10,344.
Rock Roll Peak - we climbed the ridge on the right.

To get back to the car we dropped down the scree fields south of the peak back toward the trailhead below.  The scree sliding was fun but I really can't recommend this route - once the scree is over it's still 1,800' of steep, side-hilling sage tromping back to the trail.  If you do take this route, get yourself into the wooded areas ASAP.  The going is much easier.

All in all both peaks were a fine day.  Highly recommended if you're in the area and looking for a fun way to spend your morning.

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